Hi! My name is Olga Kim. I run 4 YouTube channels with over 200k subs and help to optimize and to promote videos of my customers. Over the years I have grown up a large community of successful YouTube channels with more than 10 Million audiences and can promote your video in our End Screens, playlists, placements, and shoutouts, check my services bellow. I also have Instagram 60K and TikTok 9K and can offer shoutout in any of my or my partner’s social media.

My partners KIDS topic: Funny Fingers TVLearning TVKidsFunShowKids Finger TVDiStoryNastya VlogCool Videos 4 kids + 10 more channels

 My partners HUMOR topic: Sport VinesDaily Vinexploit comedy

My own YouTube channels: Gogo LessonsEnglish with CartoonsErick Entdecker

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I will promote your kids YouTube video in my playlists. Pay only for real views which came from my playlists which placed on my channels! Actual speed is 3000 views per day.

I will promote your humor or music video in my end screens. You pay only for real vies which came from the playlists and end screens form my​ partner channels. See the links above.

I will promote your YouTube channel in google AdWords​. I set up the AdWords campaign for you which brings you the maximum number of customers or subscribers for the minimum price.

I will consult you about the promotion of your youtube channel and growing your business with YouTube.

I will make animated video visualization for your data.

Read REAL customer reviews about my work!

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