Initial Boost for new YouTube Channels

Hi, my name is Olga Kim. I’ve been working with kid’s video-content for over 3 years and I have four YouTube channels for children with more than 200k subs. Moreover  I cooperate with more than 20 other kids channels helping them to sell their traffic using end screens. Every day I consult beginners on their YouTube chances and see a lot of successful and unsuccessful strategies in kids theme.   

    my support includes:

    1. Build up the semantic core of your channel.
    – We use Google Wordstat to find the best keywords for your channel and send you the Excell table with keywords and their statistics (number of search requests from your country and global)
    – SEO optimized original description of your channel with keywords from above.
    2. Every week we set one your video into our end-screens of popular videos similar to your ad you get at least 2000 views coming from our end screens.
    3. We optimize titles, descriptions and tags of your new videos (up to 4 videos per week)
    4. We build up a community on your channel writing 70 comments 5 days a week. We choose only channels with similar thematics and similar content types to yours and try to attract the most active viewers to your video. This massively increases an engagement rate and brings an additional weight to your videos.

    How many weeks do you want us to support your channel?

    We accept PayPal and credit cards